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With more than 116 plants built worldwide since 2007, Mentis is a manufacturer of on-site gas plants for Hydrogen generation, Oxygen generation, Nitrogen generation, and Ozone generation.

Mentis manufactures cost-effective, safe, and reliable on-site generation systems for high-quality industrial gases (i.e. hydrogen plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants, and ozone plants) as well as plants for the purification and recovery of technical gases and process waste gases. Our plants can be used in a wide range of every industry.

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We have gained strength and experience by working with 40 countries around the world.

116 Completed Projects

We made our name known in Chemistry, Medical, and Industrial fields with 116 different projects on 6 continents.

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Possibility of your facility with the accumulation of 15 years you will get the best performance.

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Global service and sales representatives at every point of the world.

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