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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Molecular sieves are zeolites. Zeolites are crystalline three-dimensional alumosilicates with cavities inside the crystal lattice. These cavities are connected by channels, the so-called pores. The pores have an exactly defined diameter which is the most important parameter for the application of zeolites. That means just molecules having a diameter smaller than the diameter of the pores reaching the cavities. Thereby an accurate separation (selectivity, molecular sieve effect) between adsorbable and non-absorbable molecules is possible. Mentis Engineering Company provides the best Molecular Sieves from the most known manufacturers.

    For the generation of oxygen by means of the pressure swing adsorption process (PSA, S-PSA, VSA, VPSA) mainly the following molecular sieves (zeolites)are used:

    • Calcium-zeolite A
    • Sodium-zeolite X
    • Calcium-zeolite X
    • Lithium-zeolite X

    The main difference between S-PSA and PSA is that S-PSA, the core technology of Mentis, cleans the air first and then produces oxygen with clean air.

    Because the adsorption process cannot separate all the argon. Therefore at 99% oxygen, we have less than 0,15% nitrogen, the rest is mainly argon.

    For the generation of Nitrogen by means of the serial pressure swing adsorption process (S-PSA) the following carbon molecular sieves (CMS) can be used:

    • CMS made of base material charcoal
    • CMS made of base material coconut shell

    Through the unique design of the Mentis plants (e.g. hydrogen plants, oxygen generators, nitrogen generation plants, or protective gas generators) the productivity will be more than before. it will provide you cost-effective solutions.

    Mentis Engineering Company provides 15 years of experience in the industrial, chemical, and medical sectors with the best quality, efficient plants, long service life, and after-sale services.

    Major types of adsorbents in use are activated alumina, silica gel, activated carbon, carbon molecular sieve, zeolite molecular sieve, and polymeric adsorbents. 

    Most adsorbents are manufactured (such as activated carbons), but a few, such as some zeolites, occur naturally. Each material has its own characteristics such as porosity, pore structure, and nature of its adsorbing surfaces.

    Molecular sieve and our process is regenerative. If the generator is maintained and operated properly, the sieve will last a minimum of 10 years 

    To maintain peak performance and protect your investment, it is important to replace the particulate filter element semi-annually and the coalescing filter element annually (or as needed). Contact us at info@mentiseng.com to place your order today.

    The Nitrogen from MENTIS can reach a purity grade of 90.0 up to 99.999%.

    The Oxygen from Mentis can reach a purity grade of  90.0 up to 99.0%.

    The European Pharmacopoeia Standard allows the use of oxygen with 93.0% (+-3%) purity since 01 April 2011.

    An oxygen concentrator is understood as a small medical system for home use. The term oxygen generator indicates systems on a larger scale.

    Oxygen is required in e.g.:
    •    Fish breeding and fish farming
    •    Drinking water treatment
    •    Operation rooms and hospitals
    •    Metal industry
    •    Mining
    •    Wellness and beauty
    •    Cutting and welding
    •    Glass processing and neon applications
    •    Veterinary clinics
    •    Biogas plants
    •    Fire heating
    •    Pharma production
    •    The food industry
    •    Diving centers
    •    Hyperbaric chambers and decompression chambers
    •    And many more...

    Nitrogen is required in e.g.:

    •    Agriculture
    •    Aviation technology
    •    Laser applications
    •    The food industry
    •    The plastics industry
    •    The oil and gas industry
    •    The shipping industry
    •    The electronics industry
    •    Tank cleaning
    •    Mining and tunneling
    •    Turbo compressors
    •    Chemistry and Pharmacology
    •    Metal industry
    •    Welding and arc welding
    •    Soldering and brazing
    •    Cutting
    •    Storage
    •    The packaging industry
    •    To prevent dust explosions
    •    Overlay - transport
    •    Crushing
    •    And many more...

    Mentis fits its nitrogen generators and oxygen generators by series with a remote monitoring system. The touch control panel can thereby be operated by the Internet from any point in the world - even over mobile end devices such as laptops or iPads.