Product Properties

Product Properties

Mentis MED-PACK Oxygen Generating and Cylinder Filling Compact PlantS

You will able to produce your own oxygen gas according to your requirements with the Mentis
MED-PACK series. You will able to fill your cylinders with Mentis CylinderFilling Station.
When electricity is supplied, these dependable compact plants can provide 5Nm3 per hour oxygen gas from 5 bar to 200 bar pressure for any application.


  • Produces high-quality oxygen with consuming only a small amount of electricity
  • Small Footprint and designed for air freights.
  • Microprocessor controlled (PLC) (Siemens Control Unit)
  • Low operating cost (0.7kW per 1m3 Oxygen product)
  • Automatic and unattended operation
  • Easy to install and maintain (Plug & Play)
  • Touchscreen control panel with integrated oxygen concentration monitor
  • Zirconia Oxygen Sensor for exact oxygen purity
  • Integrated Own Desiccant Dryer System
  • Integrated Own Oil-Free High-Pressure Oxygen Booster
  • Integrated Own Cylinder Filling Unit
  • Integrated Own Air Compressor
  • Volumetric Oxygen Product Gas Control
  • Remotely Access via Ethernet Connection

Mentis MED PACK 5-200 Series Compact Oxygen Generators
MED-PACK 5 Plant
Produces 5m³ of gaseous oxygen per hour at99% +/-0.5% oxygen concentration from 5 bar to 200 bar oxygen outlet pressure.

Product Characteristics:
Product Flow: 5Nm³/hr ( 85 LPM)
Product Purity: 99% ±0.5% Oxygen Concentration
Product Pressure: 5 Bar / 200 bar
Cylinder Filling Pressure: 200 bar
Cylinder Filling Flow: 5Nm³/hr ( 85 LPM)
Cylinder Filling Manifolds: 4 manifolds for 10 Liter Bottles
Product Dew Point: -73°C

Physical Connections:
Dimensions ( W x L x H ) : 150 x 250 x 220 cm
Weight: Less than 2000 Kg
Compressed Air Inlet: 1"
Product Gas Outlet: 3/4"
Cylinder Manifolds: for 10 Liter Cylinders

Ambient Operating Conditions:
Locate the compact oxygen generator in a well-ventilated area that is protected from weather elements and remains between 4°C and 40°C